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Getting started homeschooling can feel like an overwhelming task. After completing this pilot course, you will feel confident in your ability to not only home educate your own children but also create a custom curriculum for them that meets your own family's needs and interests! Try the first lesson for free!

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Your kids are worth it! Your family is worth it! Break away from the world's way of educating children and blaze your own path. Teach your children your family values. Help your children learn the topics they are most interested in studying. Strengthen your family bonds by learning together!


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  • Confidence

  • Create your own custom curriculum

  • Identify Learning Styles

  • Develop a Custom Schedule

  • Cost Cutting

  • Find Resources

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    Get a sample of one of our actual school schedules to use as a template for creating your own custom curriculum!

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    Cooking and canning!


    Learn how to teach lifeskills to your students. Complete instructions for how to structure a weekly cooking class to learn cooking and food preservation!


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About Your Instructor


Laurene Wells

Laurene has been married to her husband Ron since 1991 and has homeschooled all four of their children since their first son was born in 1993. She has tried many methods of homeschooling and has a lifetime of experience both studying and observing different learning styles in children. She invented an ecclectic method of creating her own curriculum using real books and her family's own interests to create a successful learning environment. It is this method of creating a custom curriculum that she will be teaching. She is helping other homeschool families avoid years of trial and error experimentation with different curriculums to get straight to customized learning with Homeschool Freedom!

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